Grand National Day

Saturday 8th April 2006

Its Grand National Day Today (sorry a fit of starting each word with a Captal Letter), Numbersixvalerde won and my favourite, Hedgehunter came second.

Hedgehunter was my tip to win because he won for me last year :), which got me thininking – this time last year I’d just finished a weeks work experience at CCH because Easter was a week early, the footer in my emails on this day 2005 was:

“Our vision is clear:
A Country more equal in its opportunities,
More secure in its communities,
More confident in its future.
Vote Labour – 5th May 2005


More tommorow.

Easter Holidays (at last)

Friday 7th April 2006

Today, Thank God, we broke up for the Easter Holidays.  A whole two weeks to become friends once more with day time TV and wearing my dressing gown all day (bliss!).

If you're wondering, yes I did get my coursework in on time, both pieces were handed in with plenty of time to spare 🙂 I feel so proud.

The last day of term (or half term whatever it is) always means  a dinnertime concert at dinnertime in aid of some armless legless 10 year old boy with no goat or other.

We went to watch this one (or I should say hear it because the social area was packed) because someone we know was playing, I won't say hes a friend because, without beating around the bush, I hate him and would gladly say that to his face. He was apparently playing a song of some artist or other, not that I could tell because I can critique his performance by saying at least we knew the speakers were working.

People who think they can publically perform but actually can't should be culled at birth.

April 2006

Friday 7th April 2006

This month I'm reading The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear (a Novel) by Walter Mooers

The book is a fictional autobiography of the first thirteen and a half lives of a blue bear named Bluebear. To be completely correct its not a complete autobiography at all, because as every one knows, a bluebear has 27 lives in total, the years in the book are simply the first hilarious 13 and 1/2 lives, and boy are they!

From the first page I was totally engrossed in the sheer brilliance of the book, Mooers is the best author I have ever come across. He makes writing humorously & sarcastically effortless.



Thursday 6th April 2006

I really should be doing my coursework right now, I've been working on it all week and the deadline is second lesson tomorrow *jaw dropping moment* so, I thought I'd write this post instead of:

"A judgement, supported by a coherent justification, of the product characteristics, evaluating their suitability and the mix of production resources".

But I'm the worst procrastinator in the world (ever), so I'm going to leave it until the morning, even though I really should'nt.

It's weird, I seem to do three words, have a break, do another three words, have a break, do a few sentences, have a break and before I know it I've written about 2 paragraphs in 1 hour, so my advice is get it done when you get it, rather than leaving it until last minute, like we always do.

A joke…

Thursday 6th April 2006

"There was a man with no arms and no legs laying on a beach, three beautiful women were walking past and felt sorry for him, so the first one asked "have you ever been hugged?", the man replied "no", so she hugged him, the second one asked "have you ever been kissed?", he replied "no" so she gave him a kiss, the third asked "have you ever been f*cked?", quite embarrassed he replied "no", she said "well you will be when the tide comes in"….I thought it was funny anyway.

Pass the spanner

Wednesday 5th April 2006

I've played about a bit with this thing and got it something like…

My About page is now complete and I'm going to stick with this theme I think (or at least for a while).

Oh – I've found out what a post slug is, clever! so the post slug for this post is spanner so if you click here you should get this post again, good eh! (or in the words of Mo-jo Joe "weeaouu awesome!").

I really should be getting on with my coursework, I've got two peices in for 4pm Friday, if any one can complete them via telepathy, your more than welcome, the units are "People in Business" and "Developing a Product".

Its at times like these that you wounder if Jesus died in vain, but hey-ho, only two days until the Easter Holidays :), maybe then I will get my sanity and the feeling in my wrists back!

Post one (2006)

Tuesday 4th April 2006


Right, I've decided to switch to Word Press from Blogger, because I wanted categories & from what I've seen so far WP lets me do what I want betterer.

I'll be posting daily under the following categories:

Just Thinking
Grumpy Old Man (my alter-ego you could say)
Daily (most of the posts will be found here)
Cricket Ground (more soon)
Reading and…..

There will probably be a few more categories added as I digress 🙂 and hopefully I'll find out what a "post slug" is…

For now,